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Where Venice stirs you with a sense of urgency and a compulsion to see and do everything, the island gives off a calm reassurance that it’s fine to do nothing.

- The Evening Standard

A private island of unsurpassed beauty, Isola Santa Cristina is a natural haven that embodies the tranquility and sophistication of the Venetian lagoon. The property is home to families of wild peacocks and a vast range of wildlife, its lovingly tended grounds cradling organic gardens and orchards, eco-friendly fish farms, and an ancient chapel.


The vast, fully-privatised island with 8-room villa is available for a limited number of bookings per year.

Isola Santa Cristina is a sublime contrast to what can be the puzzling confines of Venice.


Situated in the heart of a lagoon that has inspired some of the most celebrated authors and artists, Isola Santa Cristina is more than just an island retreat; it is a place to gather with friends or family in an exclusive environment, to experience the luxury of space in a well-appointed villa overlooking sweeping natural vistas, and to tap into an inner creativity through a close connection with an unspoiled natural setting.

Getting lost is the only place worth going to.

- Tiziano Scarpa

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